Day 4 – West Vancouver to Mission, B.C. – 83km

Today I slept in. I actually didn’t get on the road until
2pm. I was procrastinating leaving Vancouver—I really didn’t want to leave. I
eventually geared up for the rain and clipped in. I was off from Cypress
Mountain and Mission-bound. The trip was filled with pockets of rain. As soon
as the wind dried me off, I would enter the next pocket of rain.

It’s only day 4, yet due to a combination of 2 rainy day
rides, and lots of steep-hill braking, my bike could use some love and
affection. There’s a coat of road grime on the drivetrain, and my cables have
stretched out a little more. My brake pads are probably already 60% worn. I
didn’t expect that to happen so quickly; I give going down 22nd
street from the Trans Canada the most credit for burning off my brake pads. Some
of those 12% grades with switch backs on the way to Victoria from Port Renfrew
also probably deserve some credit. There was also the expensive touring tire
that an obnoxious rock decided to ruin on the first day.

It was a fairly easy day—only 3 hours. There weren’t many
climbs to conquer, and the wind seemed to be co-operating. Exactly how far I
went, I don’t know because the sensor of my cycling computer wasn’t picking up
the magnet on my wheel some of the time—the sensor and magnet were constantly
getting coated in road muck from wet road shoulder riding. The distances
between the towns (where we can camp our RV) are awkward for planning in this
region. I would have loved to have gotten ahead, and pedaled more than 80km
today, but the next town, Hope, was another 90km away. I chose to just stick to
the easy eighty…or perhaps ninety if my computer was working. Google Maps says
96km, but that has to be wrong.

There were no events today, and none tomorrow or the day
after. On these days without events, it’s important to keep the momentum going.
The Cool Communicators in the interior of British Columbia are preparing for a
gathering several days from now. Kerr will be Skyping into the event to meet
everyone. I’m excited to meet everyone after meeting some of the other B.C.
Cool Communicators. I have heard that this group is a much younger group.

People use all sorts of forms of communication. You don’t
have to use your ears to listen. If someone signs, blinks for yes, lightly
strokes your skin, or types out a sentence on a letter board, you are likely using
your eyes or haptic sense to listen to them.

Daphne and Taiga (from the Nanaimo area) picked a
beautiful quote to write on the card they gave me: “We listen to words so we can silently reach into the other” –Rumi

We all need to be explored. It’s a tragedy that there are
people on this planet whose speechlessly brilliant summit will never be
discovered because the people around them don’t realize that the hike is worth
it. Remember this: the hike is always worth it. Always assume ability, and
listen with the patience, care, and effort that you would want anyone to listen
to you. Often, the hike is the best part.


P.S. I don’t have many photos on this post, but all the photos from the past couple days are going to be added to our Facebook page and eventually our WordPress gallery, so check that out!


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