A very long, very good day

May 24, 2011, Penticton, B.C.

Skye is tired, and with good reason—he cycled 222 kilometres today through the mountains.  So I’m writing, and he’s getting some much needed shut-eye in preparation for tomorrow’s ride and an event with 18 young Cool Communicators in the Okanagan.  That’s why Skye pushed himself today; he wanted to be sure he’d be in the Easter Seals Camp Winfield tomorrow ready-to-start by 12:30 p.m. It wouldn’t have been possible if Skye hadn’t done a two-day-in-one journey today.

We’re excited because Kerr and Burns are going to be participating in the Okanagan event by Skype from Toronto.  (They’ll be joining us live on this journey in Ontario, since Kerr felt that three months on the road was too much for him.)

Skye asked me to pass on the message that he’ll be writing his blog tomorrow.

This morning we were up at 7 a.m., and Skye ate his legendary enormous breakfast and let it digest for a little while.  We took care of what are becoming our RV routines, and off Skye went pedaling into the mountains. He and I were playing leapfrog all day.  He’d take off first, and I’d do some work on the computer (note to everyone waiting for a reply to your email—I will respond; with events being planned across the country, I’m having to triage my email!) Then I’d take off, eventually pass him, and pull over at an approximate kilometre mark.  Skye would arrive to refuel and refill his water bottles, maybe do a few stretches, and return to the road.

When I arrived at our destination tonight, it was 8 p.m., and a slightly stiff, but pleased Skye was waving me into one of a number of RV camps across from a lake.  He had covered the distance, mastered the climbs, and fought some strong head winds.

Last night we were parked by snow-topped mountains, and the heat was definitely needed in our RV. Tonight is a balmy spring night in Penticton, and we’re camped across from a picturesque lake surrounded by mountains.  I keep wanting to break into strains of “Oh Canada!” in response to one extraordinary view after another.



2 thoughts on “A very long, very good day

  1. What your family is doing is so amazing, extraordinary really. You have obviously raised a fine young man in Skye – please pass that on. And Kerr too, I’m sure, of course. 🙂

  2. Hi Skye, Congrats on your excellent start! I’m always looking forward to hearing the ‘news of the day’ about your journey. Please keep the updates rolling!
    I sent you an email with an idea or two… Best wishes!

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