Day 8 – Oyama to Vernon, B.C. – 25km

Today's short route

After the extra effort the last 2 days, I only had to
cycle 25km today. This was easier said than done. I had the worst sleep that I’ve
had in years, and the stubborn wind and rain were being rather rude.

Yesterday, when I cycled into Camp Winfield, I got such a
greeting that I didn’t have any time to stop and eat. This was a mistake on my
part to not take the time to have something ready. There’s a narrow window of
about 20 to 30 minutes in which it is crucial to consume carbs and/or protein
of some sort after considerable physical exertion—nonetheless cycling 317km in
28 hours. I missed this window. After the event at Camp Winfield, I ate some
nuts, a Cliff bar, and some water mixed with recovery formula, but I missed my
window. Later that night, both Gail and I were exhausted and swamped with
emails, blogging, and other campaign stuff. Neither of us had the energy to
cook a meal, so we just grazed. I went to bed around 1am, knowing that I could
sleep in late today. When I got into bed, my stomach started to ache, quite
sharply. It was empty and the little food I had consumed had clearly been
burned through. I did something I shouldn’t have done. I felt I had to eat
something, and my body needed to sleep, so I ate some organic pepperettes while
lying down and went to bed. I woke up a little later feeling nauseous. I made
my way down from the RV bunk and threw-up in the toilet. I went back to bed,
only to wake up a short while later with a headache. The campsite we parked on
wasn’t level. Without really thinking I went to sleep facing the way I normally
do. This meant that my head was lower than my feet due to the site’s slant. I
had this extra blood rushing to my head—not smart Skye. In addition, I was
quite stiff, and my back was sore from all the over-exertion. I slept the whole
morning, and then it was time to ride. I was tired and a little chilled, so I
was less than thrilled when I heard the wind knocking branches and twigs onto
our RV, and the whoosh of trucks streaming along the wet nearby highway (misting
any cyclists who would ride in such cantankerous weather). I didn’t see any
other cyclists today.

Today was a mental struggle, but I think I pulled
through. I bundled up, and the ride wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating. I
still wanted it to be over, and I did get sprayed by many trucks—but it’s all
the more rewarding to finish, strip off the wet gear, and take a nap.

The weather may have been lousy today, but I actually
happened to dodge a bullet. A little further west, on Highway 3 where I cycled
two days ago, there was quite a severe blizzard. I am thankful that I did that
extra bit of cycling to put a bit more distance between the snow and I, and I’m
certainly lucky that our schedule is what it is (so far, but there may be snow
in the Rockies). Had our schedule been one day later and had I not decided to
cycle 222 mountain kilometres, I certainly would not be going anywhere, and the
campaign would have been delayed.

Tomorrow, we’ll be meeting more Cool Communicators at the
Schubert Centre in Vernon, so I’m looking forward to that. I’m hoping to get a
great sleep tonight and regain my drained energy. I should have lots to share
tomorrow after meeting the northern Okanagan Cool Communicators.

Today was a short post due to my need to rest
and a sprawling to-do list, but stay tuned!

Also, here’s a link to some bike camera footage from the Manning Park day:



2 thoughts on “Day 8 – Oyama to Vernon, B.C. – 25km

  1. Skye, if you get the chance to read or re-read Pilgrim’s Progress or The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, they will take on a whole new meaning for you having had this personal journey. Your experience mirrors the physical and mental challenges of our precious ‘cool communicators’ in their own daily efforts. Actually, the blog commentary, with the maps and pictures is very, very professional!! It could be published after your journey to spread more awareness and be there for your grandchildren if you loose the details by the time you are 80!
    The banner from Camp Winfield was an amazing idea to have each name in the hand with its accompanying type of communicating device. Be sure to get another picture of it when you reach the Atlantic Ocean and post it for those great campers. Skye, you could easily be a motivational speaker, world traveler and writer.
    Oh, yes, it is okay to have Gail take over on the blog when you need rest. We loved her comment on learning about the classifications of ‘water’ when camping. (“City slickers just don’t get it.” – Marlowe’s camping thought)
    And thank you for explaining Kerr’s role. He sure looks great on skype. It is something to see the full force of technology put to use in such a positive way. That too is a learning dynamic for the rest of us.
    Keep trekkin’. We will meet up in Peterborough where there is an enthusiastic team awaiting your arrival.

    Marlowe & Heather

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