From the Mid-Island Cool Communicators

The mid-island Cool Communicators with Skye iin Nanaimo on May 20th

The city of Nanaimo and the mid-island Cool Communicators were ready, on a bright sunny day to welcome Skye as he ended his day’s journey north from Victoria over Malahat mountain to Nanaimo. The Cool Communicators welcomed him with colourful CC-made, motivating posters and the city provided a visiting cruise ship and the Pacific fleet in the harbour! What more could a cyclist ask?

The welcoming Nanaimo harbour

The Cool Communicators met as a larger group the next week and had some thoughts:
“It is great to see you doing this! Thank you.”  Cory Fisher (Comox)
“This is an awesome thing you and your mom are doing with your brother.”  Ashleigh Dukoff (Victoria),
“It is good to know you are making people think about SGDs and the people who use them, like me.”  Kelly Ferris (Nanaimo)

Nanaimo, May 20th

“Thank you for being supportive to our needs.”  Haylie Graham, (Nanaimo)
“I had fun making posters for you.”  Lauren Tipping (Cedar)
“Thanks for having Nanaimo as part of your trip!”  Genevieve Johnson-Coy (Black Creek)
“Thanks Skye.  It was great to meet you at Transfer Beach in Ladysmith.  I’m glad that you are letting people know about using switches to communicate.   I think it would be great to travel all across the country like you are.”  Joy Potts (Ladysmith)

Nanaimo, May 20th

We talked about what this group would like you to tell folks about people who use Speech Generating Devices:
Since meeting you Haylie has had the chance to talk to a small girl about CP and Speech Generating Devices.  Haylie shared that the girl thought that she was sick and that is why she was in a chair.  Haylie took the time to educate her about CP and the way she moves and talks.  She felt proud.
Ashleigh wants people who speak typically to remember to take the time to listen to those of us who it takes longer.  Ashleigh Dukoff (Victoria)
Cory Fisher brought up that he does not like it when people talk to his workers and not to him.  Our group all agreed that this was a big peeve!  Cory Fisher (Comox)

Nanaimo, May 20th

Kelly wants to thank you for the idea about a sign on the tray.  He told us that he is going to hang a sign on the front of his chair so people will know to ask him questions and not just stare.  Kelly Ferris (Nanaimo)
Sydney thinks you are Sweet!  Sydney Hodgson (Port Alberni)
I think it is great that you travelled over mountains and through rain and storms to do this.  Rick Peters (Duncan)


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