Day 12 – Canyon Hot Springs to Golden, B.C. – 116km

Yesterday was composed of spectacular scenery, long
climbs, winding descents, dark, spooky tunnels where tractor-trailer trucks
could come roaring from behind, wide smooth paved shoulders, and sections of
road with no shoulder and crumbled shale from fallen rock. The first 20km of
the day were up and down. The next 20km composed the gradual climb up to
Roger’s Pass. That was followed by a long descent, into a river valley, which
meant that I had to climb back up, and indeed I did. That was a long climb, but
I didn’t see any elevation markers or signs for ‘passes’, so I likely didn’t go
as high as I did earlier in the day. After that, there was another descent,
some hills, and then 20km of fairly flat riding into Golden.

About 45km before Golden, the time zone changed from
Pacific to Mountain Time, so I lost an hour—I didn’t get into Golden until
about 6pm (Mountain Time). It was already 8:30pm by the time we had gotten
groceries and settled into our campsite to start making dinner. Our campsite is
next to a wide rushing river that slithers out of a Canyon 500m away from our
site. When I look further down the river, I see a large mountain covered in
snow. The air is a cool mist from the river, mixed with the scent of coniferous
trees, and blooming flowers. Last night, feeling rather exhausted, I decided to
go for a walk and stretch next to the river, and procrastinate my writing until
the morning. The stars were quite spectacular—it was a clear night and the
contrast with the mountains seemed to emphasize the stars’ brightness.

So far, my body is holding up quite well. I don’t feel
weak or achy, and I haven’t lost my appetite. I’m curious to see if that stays
the same 2 weeks from now. I hope it does. The Rockies have treated me well so
far, hopefully the Prairies will do the same—that will be left up to the winds.
It’s hard to believe that everywhere I look I see massive mountains, their
summits lofted in the sky, and in another 4 days of cycling (including today),
I won’t even be able to see a trace of a mountain.

I’ll miss the mountains (and all of B.C.), but I’ll also
be ready for the Prairies to appear. It seems as though we’re going to have
some events in some small Saskatchewan towns en route, and it also looks like
I’ll have cyclists joining me in Saskatchewan. We also have an event in the
making for Winnipeg. Also, as of recently, we have been contacted by someone
who is working away at getting an event planned in Thunder Bay. There will be
more info posted about these days a little later on.

Today is a short ride—about 60km, but it’s mostly, if not
all, uphill. Tonight we’ll be in Field, British Columbia. We likely won’t have
internet, and there’s a high likelihood that we won’t have cell reception
either. The day after that, we’ll be stopping in either Banff or Canmore,
Alberta, depending on where we can camp. Ok that’s it for now. I should start
pedaling soon.

More to come!



2 thoughts on “Day 12 – Canyon Hot Springs to Golden, B.C. – 116km

  1. Wow – the mountains are amazing – I have never been out West but need to go sometime. I am glad to hear of some events brewing in Sask. And also happy about Thunder Bay welcoming you into Ontario! Keep on pedalling!

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