Day 22 – Chaplin to Moose Jaw, SK – 86km

Today has been a catch-up day. Due to the immense 242km
against wind I cycled yesterday, I didn’t feel it would be smart to push myself
to cycle another 160km today. In order to stay on schedule and rest up, I’m
taking two half rest days. This is one of them. Tomorrow, I only pedal 70km to
Regina. My original schedule would have had me in Regina tonight with a full
rest day tomorrow, but due to the winds and my detour, that wasn’t possible
(unless I really stretched my body out and cycled 160km today).

I’ve been catching up on all my blogging the past several
hours. My apologies for depriving you all of the blog posts the past couple of
days—I’ve just been drained fighting the winds and haven’t had much time to do
anything else other than pedaling, sleeping, or eating. My total odometer for
the trip so far is almost at 2200km.

Our next planned event is in Winnipeg. After that,
Thunder Bay, and whole lot in Northern Ontario. We’ll be having an excellent
event in Owen Sound on the 30th of June (there’s a Facebook event
page), and things are really coming together for some of our Toronto plans. Ok,
it is 1:43am my time. I do still have to pedal 70km at some point tomorrow. It’s
time for me to sleep.



One thought on “Day 22 – Chaplin to Moose Jaw, SK – 86km

  1. Kerr and Gail – super blog so far. Kerr, I really appreciate your perserverance and sensibilty. Keep up the good work! No need to respond, just wanted you both to know I am following your journey. Sharon-Lee

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