Day 25 – Grenfell, SK to Elkhorn, MB – 136km

Today was tough. The forecast predicted southeasterly winds for half the day and eventually changing to southwesterly winds or direct southerly winds later in the afternoon. The winds never changed in a favourable direction. I had a fairly harsh 25-30km/hr headwind for most of the day. It was also raining for most of today. It was sort of like biking against a pressure washer being directed at you from 50 feet away.

A blustery and rainy welcome to Manitoba

We had a lovely stay with our friends in Grenfell. It felt great to sleep in a real bed—to be able to sprawl out and stretch in my sleep. (I don’t have that luxury in our cramped camper—nor is my mattress much of a mattress.) We had a nice breakfast together, and then it was difficult to leave. I got on the road fairly late—around 11:30am. Aaron biked to Broadview with me (about 25km), so that was great. Time doesn’t seem to matter when you have a companion. At Broadview, he turned back, and I pedaled on.

Aaron, Nicolle, Winter, Me, Gail, my procrastination stages of leaving

Tomorrow, there are supposed to be westerly winds; fingers crossed. I’m hoping to do a big day tomorrow, as it will hopefully be the first tailwind day of the trip. I’m going to keep the blog short tonight so I can rest up, wake up early tomorrow, and start pedaling early.



2 thoughts on “Day 25 – Grenfell, SK to Elkhorn, MB – 136km

  1. Welcome to windy Saskatchewan. Pedal early in the morning and in the evening when the winds are lighter. I hope the winds die down for you guys.

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