Day 27 – Portage la Prairie to Winnipeg, MB – 80km

I was expecting this to be a rest day—the first rest day since Calgary. I was lying in bed half-awake, the window open, and a gentle breeze flowing through. I eventually got out of bed, with the intent to get back into bed once I had gone to the bathroom. My body felt stiff and tired. For some lucky reason, I decided to check the weather. Chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon, rain and strong easterly winds all day the next day. The
forecast had changed. The sun and forecasted westerly had vanished. No more rest day. Get up! Get going! Gear on! Pedal to beat the storms; on to Winnipeg.

I was thoroughly annoyed with the weather again. Not only had it spoiled my rest, but we were also going to spend some more time with the Stewarts that day. Well, so be it. I pedaled the 80km, much of which, again, was headwind and cross-headwind. About 20km before Winnipeg, there were some really dark clouds. I could tell it was pouring buckets a few kilometres away. I felt rain. That gave me a bit of an adrenaline boost. For that final 20km, I raced the storm that never got me. I did get a partial rest day in the end—I was in Winnipeg by 3. However, it wasn’t a true rest day, there’s always a lot to catch up on.

I’m excited about our event at the Deer Lodge Centre in Winnipeg at 1:30pm…later today actually. After that I’m cycling to near the Ontario/Manitoba border, likely in rain. It’s 1:08am now. Bed time. The emails and other stuff will have to wait until another time.



3 thoughts on “Day 27 – Portage la Prairie to Winnipeg, MB – 80km

  1. HI Skye and Gail….no idea where you are right now, but our hearts and spirit are with you both! Looking foreward to hearing how the event turned out at Deer Lodge? How many in attendance? Hope it went great! I had hoped to be able to attend on behalf of both Shelley and I but sadly other things came up and I wasn’t able to make it…but we know you are likely out there on the road somewhere? We hope it stays cool, calm and without rain…which should make a good combination for riding? Thanks so much again Skye for the nice write up on your blog concerning your visit with us…we couldn’t have written it better! WE miss you both already….ride safe and rest whenever possible…we will be staying in touch via your blog…well done young man, well done! Love to you both, Ron and Shelley

  2. Keep on trucking, Skye!! Just taking a minute to catch up on your blog posts!! Wow, you’ve had to overcome many obstacles in the last number of days, particularly with wind and weather. I’m always impressed by the parallels you make between your own journey with Kms. for Communication and AAC. Looking forward to continuing along in this journey with you and excited for your arrival in Nova Scotia!! Keep on, keepin’ on!!

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