Day 36 – Hemlo to Wawa, ON – 152km

The beginning of today was wretched. A little bit of blue sky teased me as I was getting my bike ready for the day’s ride. The blue sky was in the opposite direction that I was biking in. It was raining. Then it began raining more. My rain gear was already damp from the day before. Within a half hour of my ride, I was absolutely soaked. Riding in pouring rain, getting misted by trucks, is really like taking a shower. You will get soaked no matter what you’re wearing. On days like this, I don’t like to stop a lot. I just want to get it over and done with. If I stop every hour or every other hour and go into a warm, dry RV, I will find it impossible to get to my destination. First, you don’t really notice how soaking wet you are until you enter a dry place—although you do feel the puddles in your shoes and your sopping gloves. My main reason for avoiding frequent breaks is that it’ such a tease to experience the comfort and then force myself to go back outside.

The 70km ride to White River from where we stayed (about 30km east of Marathon) was a mental battle. Just after White River, I met another cyclist, Wanetta. She’s doing a cross-Canada as well. She isn’t travelling with the weight of panniers because she’s doing a supported ride similar to what I’m doing. Her campaign is called Cycling Across Canada Raw. She’s raising money to send people through a health and lifestyle workshop which was profound in her life. To learn more about her campaign, check out the website: Anyhow, the last 80km of today was mostlyin the  rain, but it wasn’t gruelling because I had a new friend to ride with. I was supposed to pass my French friends, Max and David, at some point today, but I never saw them. There’s no cell reception around here, so it’s difficult to schedule a rendezvous. Perhaps I’ll see them tomorrow, but I ended up with company today, and that made my treacherous day somewhat enjoyable. Amazing what communication can do.

Wanetta and I part-way through a rainy ride

Today, the road went inland. Tomorrow, the road is following the shores of Superior again, so I hope to get the helmet camera rolling for some beautiful scenery. It should be a tough, but gorgeous ride. I think rain is in the forecast again, but supposedly, I’ll have a tailwind.

It’s a short blog tonight. I have to do some laundry. All the rain has forced me to go through my entire cycling wardrobe.



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