Day 37 – Wawa to Pancake Bay, ON – 153km

There’s a distinct feeling of awe that I have looking out on an open body of water when I can’t see the land on the other side. For some reason, I could stare for hours at the waves. My curiosity about what is on the other side of the prairie of water puts me in a thoughtful trance. Right now, we are camped in Pancake Bay Provincial Park. Our site is just across from the sandy beach. It’s amazing to think that the piece of land which I cannot see is the land where I was just 4 days ago.

Since Thunder Bay, I’ve managed to get a full day ahead of schedule. I’ve finished my third day of pedaling 150km+ in the rain. Since Winnipeg, I’ve only had one day without rain, and even that day had a shower part-way through. Anyways, tomorrow I’m sleeping in. It’s a 75km ride into Sault Ste. Marie, and finally, the forecast is calling for sun. I don’t have to be on the road until 1pm. I’m going to have a nice stretch session on the beach and perhaps go for a cold swim. Then it’s off to the Soo!

Lynne Brown has done a fantastic job supporting Kilometres for Communication. Two nights ago, “Koncert for Kilometres” went down. It was raining, but nonetheless, the event which had 5 hours of talent raised over $600. Huge thanks to everyone who performed, came out, and definitely to Lynne, for all the hard work. Tomorrow I get to meet Lynne in person when I cycle in. I’m excited to meet our Kilometres Sault Ste. Marie champion in person. I continue to be amazed on this trip by the generosity of people who have never met us.

Today was a pretty dismal day for weather; lots of light rain, rain, intense fog which I actually enjoyed riding through, and two downpours (one to start the day, one to end the day). The wind was favourable today, which was lovely. I caught up to my companion from yesterday as planned, about 50km in. So for about 4 hours, we shared the nasty weather and cranked through the last 100km of our day. Nature’s spite is much more tolerable with company. I’m so thankful to have had a fellow rider the last 2 days. Thank you Wanetta, you saved me from a 12-hour mental battle.

There was some spectacular scenery. The fog added beauty to the rolling mini-mountains, but it also ruined the scenic look-outs that we would have had over Superior. At some points, the road went quite near the shoreline. With the dense fog, it was quite mystical scenery.

I’m feeling really pumped right now, despite having travelled over 1100km in 7 days of rain. I’m going to be meeting lots of great people over the next 2 days. I get to sleep in tomorrow. Sunshine and favourable winds are finally in the forecast. Most importantly, I’m 4 days away from reuniting with my dad and brother. There’s a lot planned and lots of company ahead. I’m stoked.

Hopefully that week of rain and headwinds has ended, and my initiation into my own province has been completed.



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