Day 41 – Espanola to South Baymouth, ON – 110km

The weather was quite uncertain today. Thunder showers were in the forecast, but in the end they held off. There was always at least one threatening part of the sky along with frequent patches of blue sky. The wind was quite strong and the direction kept shifting between the southeast and the west. The road was just as uncertain as the weather. I had stretches of smooth, wide paved shoulder and lengths with no shoulder where even the road was cracked, crumbling, and freckled with loose gravel.

I have to wake up quite early tomorrow to be in line for the first ferry of the morning from Manitoulin Island to Tobermory, on the Bruce Peninsula. At about 10:30am, I get off the ferry and reunite with my brother, dad, and my dog after about 50-something days. My friend Tom will also be there. He’s driving up north from Toronto with Kerr and Burns as I type this right now. Tom will be cycling down to near Owen Sound with me tomorrow from Tobermory. I’m exhilarated, yet also so worn out at the same time–it’s such a strange feeling.

That’s all for today—I need my beauty sleep. I stayed up until 3am last night trying to post all of my blogs from the last week (with caterpillar-paced internet), so perhaps it’s more of a catch-up sleep.



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