Day 45 – Toronto, ON – Catch-up and Rest Day

I slept in today; in my own bed! I would have loved to
have stayed in bed all day but there was this little voice in my head that kept
repeating my to-do list as I was half-awake. I got up around 9:30am. This wasn’t
a huge sleep-in, but it was much later than the times I’ve been waking up the
last couple days.

I started by uploading all the photos that have been
taken since I last had high-speed internet. Our Facebook group has some new
content now. Blogs, emails, and route planning composed the remainder of the
day. In the evening I met some friends for dinner as a reward for productively spending
hours in front of a computer screen. We went for Mexican on Baldwin and watched
some hippies dance to trance music across the street while we constructed
fajitas and sipped margaritas. It felt surreal to ride the subway and walk
around downtown after spending the last month and a half biking through rural

Short blog, but here’s my trip to date.

The trip to date


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