Day 46 – Toronto – Rest/Event Day

Today was an interesting day, but I’m afraid I’m near the
end of my blog marathon and I’m running out of fuel at 2 in the morning—quick post!

We had our ride from High Park to the Leslie Street Spit
this morning. We had publicized the event, yet we were sceptical as to how many
people would show up early on a Sunday of the long weekend, on the same day as
the Gay Pride Parade. It turned out to be a lovely, relaxed event. There was a
small turnout, but most importantly, I got to see some friendly faces that I
haven’t seen in a long time. Thank you to everyone who came out to support us

We had a brief police escort through High Park and across
Lake Shore Blvd. We followed the waterfront bike pathway over to Queen’s Quay.
Our swarm of red dominated the pathway. When we got to Queen’s Quay our police
escort was nowhere to be seen. We kept biking. The sun was shining. There was a
bike lane. We were in good spirits.


At the end of the ride, we had a simple gathering. We
didn’t need to set up the microphone. We formed a simple circle and mingled.
Kerr, Gail, and I talked about moments from the journey, our motivations for
Km4C, what we wanted to see happen, and a bit about how Kerr communicates for
those who just met him.

Our family sporting our Kilometres T-shirts. Thanks for the sign Jess; love it!

Rebecca, Me, Kerr

The rest of the day was errands, emails, route planning,
and writing. I went into Cyclepath (Yonge and Eglinton), the bike shop which I
call my second family. I had slightly bent one of my cranks. I also needed to
put in a new bottom bracket and re-pack some bearings. It turned out that the
shop didn’t have the part I needed. They were kind enough to take the part off
a near $2000 bike on the floor in-order to get me rolling. This shop will never
cease to support me. They even got the whole shop, including many of the
customers, to sing me happy birthday as I entered the store. That was a bit
awkward, but thanks guys.

I’m hoping to get some time to write some insightful
blogs in the near future. The last several days have been packed—bustling with
events, reunion, celebration, and organization tasks—so I haven’t had much time
to write. Tomorrow it’s off to Peterborough. It’s 2:08am. I have to wake up at
7:30am. We have a fundraising breakfast at the Holland Bloorview Centre from
8:30am to 10:30am. After that, myself, and 3 other riders are cycling 140km to
Peterborough. I’ll have some sleep to catch up on tomorrow night. Good night!

3500km and a bit more to go :]



4 thoughts on “Day 46 – Toronto – Rest/Event Day

  1. Great to see you had a good rest in Toronto. What route will you be taking to peterborough tomorrow and where will your stops be??? Just wondering if you will be coming thru Uxbridge or Port Perry????

  2. Happy Birthday, Skye!
    I imagine it was quite a rush to finally hook back up with the rest of your family. Enjoy but remember, we’re still wating for you down here on the East Coast. I received notification of Thursday about an even in Halifax on July 22nd, wow, that’s less than 3 weeks! We’ll be waiting … 😀

    PS Love how you handled the jerks in the car. It was perfect!

  3. Hi there Skye, Kerr, Gail and Burns…we are with you today and every day of your trek to the east coast! These were just some great pictures and we so wish we could have met Burns and Kerr too…so its nice to see them here! Keep up the good work as we ride with you in spirit every step of the way, and where could we get a couple of those K4C teeshirts? They would be great to have! Ride safe Skye and we will be with you all the way.,..MISS you very much…Ron and Shelley Stewart

  4. Inspiring to see people using their communication devices. Congratulations- enjoy Toronto! Hope our schedules jive when you arrive on the East Coast. Good luck on your ride East!! Luke Sanford

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