Day 48 – Peterborough to Sharbot Lake, ON – 147km

I woke up to a gentle cool breeze flowing though my tent,
cutting through the humidity. I would have loved to lie in my tent feeling that
breeze all morning. I always have this tingling feeling of excitement and anxiousness
to get on the road every morning. This is the feeling that allows me to get out
of bed. It’s an annoying feeling, but without it, I would have no drive to get
on the road early. Often I’ve gotten on the road late (around noon), thinking
that I’ll make great time and arrive in the late afternoon, but I’ve actually
cut it close and arrived in the evening.


I began my pedal. Today I was on Highway 7, east of
Peterborough. The road had a nice wide paved shoulder for about 50km. There
were many quaint, small, country-charm towns that I enjoyed cruising through.
Most of the day, the quality of road was similar to Northern Ontario—bumpy, but
manageable. I had a tailwind, so I was making great time and the sun was
shining. It was a humid day, so I guzzled through my three water bottles


In the late afternoon we pulled into Sharbot Lake
Provincial Park, which is about 75km north of Kingston. For this portion of the
trip, we have 2 vehicles. There’s 5 of us now (Kerr, mom and dad, Mia, Kerr’s
communication assistant, and myself); 6 if you count the dog. There’s also a
lot more food, a lot more clothes, extra camping gear, and Kerr’s bike gear.
Five of us are getting by with packing all of our food into the RV’s fridge—which
is the size of a bar fridge. Space is tight, so once we got settled in our
campsite, we had an organization session; a game of Tetris.


Some of my dad’s side of the family lives in the Kingston
area. My aunt and uncle, Kathleen and Wayne, along with Wayne’s brother, John,
drove up from Kingston to have a meal with us. It’s been about a year since I’ve
seen them, so that was great. It seemed surreal and unnatural seeing them on
this trip. It hasn’t quite sunk in that I’m actually close to home and family…for
the time being. I still feel like I’m far, far away from my usual life. I’m
used to meeting strangers in foreign places, not meeting family in foreign
places. Thanks for the visit, and thank you for the food. They brought cake and
2 extra-large, well-topped pizzas. After a discussion of my daily calorie
intake, John knighted me with a new nickname—Skyosaurous Rex. I like it.



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