Day 60 – West Point to East Point, PEI – 235km

We spent the night in a beautiful harbour. We watched the sunset. We woke up to a calm ocean. We didn’t pay a cent either. No one bothered us in the night to tell us that we couldn’t park there. Seems perfect, right? Wrong. We discovered at 7:30am that we weren’t at West Point. We were one cape east of West Point; 60km east.

I can be quite stubborn. I insisted that we eat and drive to West Point. My mom would have preferred that I cycle from where we were, which was still on one of the western edges of the island. However, there’s this little obsessive part of me that wants to do the trip proper—covering every morsel of road west to east on my route. My mom agreed to drive further west, to the west point. Thanks mom.

I was at the end of the pier at West Point by 9:30am. It was a hazy day with wind from the south at the beginning of the day. I had no wind for the first 30km, then a headwind, then a crosswind, and the last 100km of the day I had a tailwind after the winds shifted partway through the day. It was interesting how much my speed varied through the day. I average high twenties, then low twenties for a while, up to mid-twenties, and then low forties for the last 2 hours.

Leaving the pier of the real West Point

It's difficult to see, but there's a waterfall at the bottom of this hill, where the road T's. The cam was set to take a photo once a minute, so I didn't get a great shot of it 😦

Prince Edward Island is beautiful. If you haven’t been, it’s worth spending a couple of days on the island. I don’t think I’ve seen an area of the country with fields as lush or green as Prince Edward Island’s. I find myself thrilled by the pink soil. I know; it’s just soil. Most people out on their property wave and smile as I pedal by. The place has a charm. Both the western and eastern sections of the island are fairly flat, with the exception of the gorgeous red rocky coastline. The middle of the island is actually quite hilly. There’s an abundance of rolling hills. These slowed me down a bit. I was surprised to learn that downhill skiing exists on PEI in the winter.  Then again, I also learned on this trip that Saskatchewan has a ski hill.

After 7.5 hours of biking, I arrived at East Point. The last 40km, I kept thinking I was closer than I was. I was hammering away, only to be disappointed when another hamlet appeared that wasn’t near my destination. Finally, I arrived. The last section of road was a 1km straightaway where I could see the break in the trees at the end of the road, where the ocean was restlessly waiting.

East Point, PEI

The mount for the handlebar-mounted camera broke today…again. I’m not impressed GoPro. I’ll try to figure something out to get footage for the rest of the trip. I still don’t really understand why they make the mounts for an extreme sports camera out of plastic rather than metal.

The ocean was restlessly stirring. East Point is literally a point.  I could see two currents meeting right at the spear tip of the island. On the north side of the tip, the waves were smooth, and calm. The waves to the south of the island were small, choppy. I could see the choppy surface water was lapsing towards the gentle waves from the north. My mom and I unfolded our beach chairs and appreciated the cloudy sea scene. I felt a rush of relaxation lapse over me. This was the last long day of my trip. No more 200+ days. I’m 2 days ahead of schedule. I’ll finally be able to post my blogs. It was nice to think those thoughts. Tomorrow will be the first day without pedaling since I was in Toronto for a full rest day.

One day, one province. That was a personal goal of mine for the trip. I really wanted my brother to join me on this day. I was feeling sad at parts of the ride when I passed by scenic lookouts and lush farms that I wished he could’ve seen. The two of us will return to PEI together someday.

I’m going to sleep well tonight.



2 thoughts on “Day 60 – West Point to East Point, PEI – 235km

  1. What an accomplishment Skye! I love PEI and I am sitting here so happy that you are there and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Have a great rest and say hi to your mom for us! We are thinking of you and rooting you on from Toronto!

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