Day 68 – North Sydney, NS – Rest/Blog Day

The sunset view from our campsite just as I finished typing up the last blog from the past 5 days


4 thoughts on “Day 68 – North Sydney, NS – Rest/Blog Day

  1. As I am writing, i am thinking you are already in Newfoundland! From The Rockies to The Rock – such an adventure for you and Gail and those of us at home who have followed your trip across Canada sometimes with baited breath. We read of treacherous roads, dark, narrow tunnels, bridges, wind, rain, fog, heat, road construction, flat tires and where is that RV now! Then we breathe easy thinking, “Wait, everything is okay because that day is over and it’s all in the blog now!”
    I think you will approach your psychology classes with a fresh sense of awareness that the challenges of the open road will have given you this summer, Skye. Much more of the human psyche will make more sense to you as you read your text books because there will be the interpretation that experience has given you. You may want to consider writing as a career as your way with words has an impact on those who read them. There is a clarity of expression and emotion that is not easily forgotten. You are a very special person and the only one who could have taken this trip and imparted so much to the rest of us out here. We thank you for that. We thank Gail for supporting such a deep commitment with tremendous daily effort. We thank Kerr for providing the inspiration necessary to make this all happen for everyone across Canada who is simply asking to be heard and supported at a most elemental level of humanity.. to be able to communicate and express one’s thoughts and feelings. We thank Burns for being the quiet, necessary supporter from the home front doing so much more than we will ever know to help facilitate each day of the K-C journey. You have shown what a ‘family team’ can accomplish under challenging circumstances which will surely inspire other families. Staying close, determined, organized and committed to a cause can accomplish great things. Let us hope that your initial effort will bloom in the months ahead as each of us takes on the K-C challenge in our communities across Canada with energy and hope for the future of those who simply wish to express themselves and be accepted in their communities as equal, worthy citizens.

  2. Amen to that Heather! Skye has an amazing beatitful way with words.
    Something tells me that whatever you decide to do in the future, the written word will be a large part of your life. I really hope I am right because you truly have a gift, Skye. Keep using it to educate, inspire and move the rest of us.

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